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Devi - Silver Jewelry & Accessories

Devi, a brand synonymous with uber chic jewelry, has a flagship store at Prithviraj Road, Jaipur. Designed at a studio in Jaipur, jewelry by Devi is then manufactured in factories with state of the art machinery as well as painstakingly hand crafted by some highly skilled artisans. Needless to mention, that the handcrafted process requires patience and expertise. Silver is thus transformed into exquisite jewelry and artistic accessories like evening bags, hand held mirrors, personalized bookmarks and numerous other baubles.
We here at Devi have made a constant endeavor to improvise with regard to design and quality. Preparing to showcase our designs and products to a wider audience who will be able to truly appreciate the youthfulness and vivacity of contemporary silver jewelry.  Each item is created for an esteemed clientele to celebrate an important event or to grace themselves.