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Silver Jewelry

A brand of fine silver jewelry designed by Devika Jethani Arora and crafted in Jaipur. Drawing inspiration from the colours of Rajasthan, folk art and the splendor of the Mughal era, Devi creates collections of jewelry that use traditional craft techniques while reinventing styles. Featuring motifs that are characteristic of Indian design, including elephants, peacocks and lotus flowers, Devi’s pieces are deeply rooted in an Indian aesthetic but have a global appeal.

A sense of joyful and youthful exuberance defines Devi’s contemporary silver jewelry. Traditional styles such as the Bali or Jhumka are contemporized with splashes of colour in enamel, reminiscent of Rajasthan’s vibrant landscape. Reviving pieces like the hand harness or haathphool, Devi is bringing fresh perspectives to handcrafted Indian silver jewelry.

Our pieces can be defined as folk jewelry from Rajasthan. Indigenous crafts and motifs are juxtaposed with a riot of colours from the desert land.